One Person Show Workshop with Anne Marie Scheffler

Write Your  Damn Show.

Write Your Own Big Break

"Don't wait by the phone, call yourself."

You need a platform. A show. A way to express.

Nia Vardalos said that: "Don't wait by the phone, call yourself." Nia wrote a one woman show called My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which became the hit movie of the same name. Not bad. I was listening to Shawn Mendes' Please Have Mercy on Me. I realize we as humans want to feel. We want someone to get emotional. And then in their emotional performance, we live that emotion. Write that. The angry moment, the embarrassing moment, the deeply in love moment. Put it on stage. Heal people. Isn't that why you want a show?

Los Angeles Workshops

Los Angeles- 2 Day Workshop- Feb 2 & 3, 2019

"I attended Anne Marie Scheffler's "One Person Show Workshop" at the Second City and WOW! Not only did I gain so much helpful support for my upcoming show, but this class kick-started another one-person show that I had been mulling over for about six months. With the writing prompts, challenges and advice from Anne Marie along with the sharing and support from the rest of the class members, I realized that everyone's voice is so unique and everyone's story is worthy of telling (now, I do believe that my voice is worth hearing as well). I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to further develop their ideas for a one-person show no matter what stage of the process they're in."

One Person Show Workshop, Second City Hollywood

Spend an inspiring weekend with Anne Marie and begin to shape and write your show. Identify your show that only you can tell. Learn about the business and marketing of a solo show and how to monetize your work. Secrets and tips from 25 years of doing it.

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One Person Show Workshop 

Feb 2 & 3, 2019, 

10am to 3pm, Sat & Sun,  

Second City Hollywood,

6560 Hollywood Blvd. LA, CA

$200 USD

LA- PART 2- More Writing and Story- Feb 16 & 17, 2019

"When I first saw Anne Marie’s One Person Show Workshop, it was like looking at a harmless little switch on the wall. “Hmm, what’s the worst that could happen if I flipped this switch…?” Ten billion volts of creativity later, there was no worst, only best. I now have the bones of a one-woman show that will make delicious, comical sense of this writer’s life—and be fun along the way. Anne Marie has a way of seeing right through our fake and filtered pleasant selves to THE STORY!!! She did this for me, who thought there was no story. I watched her do the same for everyone else in the room and learned through the watching, too. Anne Marie, you are Magic. Truly.”   

One Person Show Workshop Part 2, Second City Hollywood
You know what your one person show is. You’ve got the idea, (even if it’s just in your head). Now you just want the actual script! This workshop is designed for writing, writing, writing. Specific writing exercises will give you the key points of your show: the introduction, how to take us into your world, the forwards, the climax, the transformation, the ending…and you’re gold! In this kickass weekend of writing, you will work hard and forge your story with love, pressure, and truth.

This class is beneficial for those who have already taken the One Person Show Workshop, but those with outside experience can also apply to join the class. If you haven’t taken the first workshop, submit a description of your project to request a spot in PART 2.

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One Person Show Workshop Part 2

Feb 16 & 17, 2019, 

10am to 3pm, Sat & Sun,  

Second City Hollywood,

6560 Hollywood Blvd. LA, CA

$200 USD

"Time in your workshop changed my life! I feel like the words "thank you" will never be enough...

"Time in your workshop changed my life! I feel like the words "thank you" will never be enough, but know that my heart could burst." 

Private coaching $150/hr

More About The Classes and Anne Marie

About the 2 Day One Person Show Workshop

 “Working with Anne Marie was great. I went in with no ideas and came out with an almost complete solo show. She offers knowledgeable insight and exercises that inspire creative work. She also creates an environment where I felt safe to express my new ideas.”

The best way to get work is to make work. Act in the best role, the one you wrote for YOU! Anne Marie Scheffler is a critically acclaimed performer - her first solo show - SItuation: Norma- debuted in 1994 and took her across Canada and The US. With 8 shows, an one-hour TV special, television shows in development and a long list of acting and writing credits and awards, including writing and starring in the international hits Suddenly Mommy and MILF Life Crisis, Anne Marie can show you how to create your own big break!

What: Find your story, write new material, and leave with an outline of your one person show. Learn secrets and tips about how to produce, market and sell your show.

Who: Learn from the Queen of Comedy. Anne Marie Scheffler has 8 successful shows (including Suddenly Mommy and MILF Life Crisis) which she performs to rave reviews and sold out crowds all over North America. Her 5th show, Not Getting It, is a one-hour TV special on The Comedy Network. A Second City Alumnae, award-winning actor, writer and voice artist, Scheffler shares her priceless expertise and hands on experience with those who want to create their own work.
“A stellar one woman show, Scheffler’s creation is superb!”

About The 5 Week Masterclass- new dates TBA


A 5 week masterclass to learn about creating and staging an original solo show, with last class a performance on stage.

Course Description:

Anne Marie Scheffler leads the class through the basics of creating, performing and selling your own one person show. Students will learn:

how to find your comedic voice

how to identify your story

how to identify “what do you want to say to the world?”

how to discover your archetype

how to create a whole world alone on stage

how to market and package your show

the basic production tools needed to present a solo show

Learning Activities:

The course promises engaged learning, that has the students:

warm up the stage to own it as a solo performer

use their bodies as a main tool on stage to own “who they are”

explore vocal tools as ways to create other characters

do writing exercises to create the story

do writing exercises to create transitions and leitmotifs

make a marketing and simple business plan

identify how to serve a specific audience

perform their own short solo piece on the last class (theatre venue tbc)

About Anne Marie Scheffler


Anne Marie Scheffler is an actor/ writer/ comedian/ voice artist in LA and Toronto. And the star and creator of 8 one woman shows. Her 5th show, Not Getting It, is a one hour television special on The Comedy Network. Her live properties are the source material for her film and television and streaming properties. An entertainment profession for over 25 years, Anne Marie is an expert in her field.

Private Coaching Available.
One one one via Skype, phone or in person. 

$150/hr USD

Save $100: 4 hr/ $500 USD

Save $150: 5 hr/ $600 USD


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