One Person Show Workshop

Make Your Own Big Break. Write Your Show.

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Toronto Workshops

2 Day One Person Show Workshop
Spend an inspiring, creative weekend with Anne Marie and begin to shape and write your show. $200 + HST = $226

  • One Person Show Workshop  
    June 2 & 3,  
    3pm to 7pm, Sat & Sun,   
    Private Studio, Coxwell & Danforth

5 Week Master Class- Mondays 7-9pm- Last class Performance!

Spend 5 Monday nights working on your show. Then put it on stage on the last class! 5 spots only. $350 + HST = $395.50

  • Monday Night Master Class
    7-9pm, June 4 to July 9th
    Private Studio, Coxwell & Danforth

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What People are Saying


"I signed up for this workshop with just an inkling of what writing a one-person show entails. I left the workshop with a theme for my show, title, thesis statement and exercises to efficiently and creatively develop more content.

Anne Marie creates a welcoming, engaging and extremely entertaining learning environment. She enlivens the room with a positive feel that builds confidence among the students. Each person is encouraged to pursue her or his ideas with their own individual style. 

In addition to the writing exercises and showing us how to develop more content for our show, Anne Marie devoted time to marketing a show. I had not thought of this and this portion of the workshop was extremely valuable. She showed us how to establish a personal brand, how to use social media, how and when to apply to performance venues and festivals. She gave us resources to develop our own marketing program.

After completing the workshop, I am so much farther along in developing and performing a show than I could have imagined when I enrolled. Plus, I now have a mentor in Anne Marie and a group of classmates that will serve as a sounding board, encourage me and hold me accountable on my one-person show path." 

"I attended the Second City Training Center workshop for putting on a "One Person Show" facilitated by Anne Marie Scheffler. Anne Marie, transformed a classroom into an inclusive global experience. Writing exercises and tools such as the Hero's journey, helped to shape and add more depth and meaning, to amazing stories shared by the participants. Anne Marie created an artistic  sanctuary for expression, where strangers became a  family of collaborators, committed to helping each other's success in the creation and performance of their "One Person" Shows."

"Time in your workshop changed my life! I feel like the words "thank you" will never be enough, but know that my heart could burst." 

"When I first saw Anne Marie’s One Person Show Workshop, it was like looking at a harmless little switch on the wall. “Hmm, what’s the worst that could happen if I flipped this switch…?”  

Ten billion volts of creativity later, there was no worst, only best. I now have the bones of a one-woman show that will make delicious, comical sense of this writer’s life—and be fun along the way. Anne Marie has a way of seeing right through our fake and filtered pleasant selves to THE STORY!!!

She did this for me, who thought there was no story. I watched her do the same for everyone else in the room and learned through the watching, too. Anne Marie, you are Magic. Truly.”  


"Anne Marie Scheffler's One Person Show Workshop was wonderful!  I went in with much uncertainty, doubt and hesitation, but I'm glad I attended because I came out more vitalized and focused.  Anne Marie Scheffler displayed great energy, enthusiasm and excitement from beginning to end, as well as being very insightful and professional.  Her attention to the class and each attendee was fantastic.  It was like one big happy orgy, and we all left equally satisfied.  For me, it was as if I was a plumber, uncertain of his craft, but with Anne Marie Scheffler's help and guidance, my tools to work that comedy pipeline have never been better."


"Anne Marie’s workshop surpasses all expectations! Not only did she cater to each individual student in the class, but she sets you up with a toolbox so you can walk out of those 2 days with the confidence to continue to work on your concept to completion. Not sure what your concept is? No worries, she will help you find that too! The weekend flew by way too fast!"

"I attended Anne Marie Scheffler's "One Person Show Workshop" at the Second City Training Center, and WOW! Not only did I gain so much helpful support for my upcoming show, but this class kick-started another one-person show that I had been mulling over for about six months. With the writing prompts, challenges and advice from Anne Marie along with the sharing and support from the rest of the class members, I realized that everyone's voice is so unique and everyone's story is worthy of telling (now, I do believe that my voice is worth hearing as well). I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to further develop their ideas for a one-person show no matter what stage of the process they're in."